The Walled Garden

Belvedere Walled Garden aerial view

When the property passed to Charles Marlay, he commenced the development of the Walled Garden and also added the terraces facing the lake. The garden was further developed by Col. Howard Bury who was an amateur plant collector, and his additions to the garden were many.

The Gardens might be divided into two parts, consisting of the Walled garden and the arboretum surrounding the House. The most striking aspect of the walled garden is its unusual narrow rectangular shape which on entering, permits a panoramic view of its colourful interior. It still retains all the hallmarks associated with a 19th Century pleasure garden.

When Col. Bury further developed the garden, he brought to it some of the choice of flowering plants he had encountered in his travels. Many still grow here like the gentian blue Echinops and Fothergilla, with blooms like a demure “Bottlebrush”. Old roses are well represented bringing as always the allurement of delicate aroma and intimate scent. There are also some superb Hydrangeas, both species and cultivars.

Most of the plants can probably be attributed to Col. Bury, including the Decausnea Forgesis in the top right hand corner (adjacent to the well). It is a garden fashioned in a different century and as such, possesses distinctive charms, not always to be found in more modern gardens.

Outside the Walled Garden there are about 12 acres of ground containing more of Col. Bury’s fancies. The presence of Metasequoia (Dawn Red Wood) denotes that planting continued up to the late 1940’s, the date of introduction of these trees. A fine Thuja Pilcata (Western Red Cedar) introduced in the mid 19th Century remains one of the most distinguished trees with its coppery red bark. The Pyndelus Picea Smithiana (Mordina Spruce) also adds distinction to this collection. Beech trees in this location rank with the best. Other noteworthy trees include the Caucasian wing nuts and a Sequoiadendron tree (the Mammoth tree). There is also a scattering of more ornamental trees including sugar maple, Japanese cherries and magnolias.

Belvedere Walled Garden path view

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